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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Someone is shot, but who is responsible?

And how will Sharon react when Keanu confides in her about what he's seen?

As the gunshot echoes around the Square, panic ensues at The Vic and an ambulance and the police soon arrive to investigate what has happened. But upon hearing the gunshot, Dennis is alarmed and asks Sharon to sit with him.

Later, Keanu spots someone acting suspiciously by the canal and as the police continue their investigation, the pressure is on to discover who was behind the shooting.

Keanu’s suspicions rise when he explains what he saw at the canal to Sharon. Stunned, she warns him not to tell the police and promises to find out what's going on.

News travels fast around Walford as everyone is shocked to learn what happened at The Vic and they want to know who is responsible. As tensions rise, DI Arthurs arrives to make a surprise arrest.

Elsewhere, Keanu meets Sharon to discuss what he saw at the canal, but Sharon insists he forgets about it.

As Keanu agrees to keep quiet Sharon gives him a wad of cash saying that Phil owes him, which doesn’t sit right with Keanu. Later, Sharon finds the money posted back through her letterbox.

She calls Keanu but he sends it to voicemail.

These scenes will air Monday 3rd (8pm), Tuesday 4th (7:30pm), Thursday 6th (7:30pm) and Friday 7th September (8pm) on BBC One

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