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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Stuart's night with Tina takes a turn for the worst

And how will Mick react when he intimidates Linda?

Halfway turns up at The Vic with a video from Stuart in which he accepts he made a mistake with Fred and reveals he has stopped predator hunting.

When the Carters learn that Mick already knew, Halfway is left feeling stung and Whitney tries to talk to him. But will she get through to him?

Mick and Stuart eventually make amends with Halfway’s help, but Linda is annoyed when they get drunk together and as Stuart helps Linda in the barrel store, Linda implies he should leave but she is left shaken by his intimidating response.

After hearing about Stuart's intimidating behaviour towards Linda, Mick demands an explanation. Dismissing it as a joke, Stuart makes a peace offering. But will it be enough?

When Tina returns home, she's surprised to see Stuart there. All set on going to the eighties night at the club, Tina ends up taking Stuart with her and the night takes a turn.

The next day, with Tina distracted at work, Kathy scolds Tina whilst Sonia senses there's more to it.

These scenes will air Monday 9th - Friday 13th July on BBC One


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