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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Ted confronts the Taylors over Joyce's funeral money

As Ted and Patrick enjoy a drink in The Vic, Ted is mortified when Patrick goes to take some rum from his flask. It’s not a drink, it’s Joyce’s ashes!

Baffled as to why Ted didn’t spend the money he gave him on the funeral, Patrick realises Ted never received it, but maybe the Taylors did.

Storming over, Ted confronts the Taylors about Patrick’s money and tells them that he wants nothing more to do with any of them. After Ted’s accusation Bernie figures out that it was Mitch who stole the money.

Over a glass of Whisky, Karen explains everything to Ted, telling him it was Mitch who stole the money but she will pay him back.

These scenes will air Monday 19th at 9:25pm (hour-long) and Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd at 9:10pm on BBC One


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