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EASTENDERS SPOILERS The day of Shakil's funeral arrives

But is Carmel going to say goodbye to her son?

Kush is concerned about Carmel after she fails to show for their meeting with Jay to plan Shakil's funeral. Instead she focusses her attention on organising the first night of the Youth Club.

Despite their reluctance, Bex, Louise, Tiffany and Bernadette agree to go to the Youth Club but are taken back by Carmel’s questioning about how things are going at school.

Struggling to cope in the wake of the attack, Keegan remains on-edge and Carmel rushes over to see him. However he throws her support back in her face and tells her that she’s just using the youth club as a distraction and that it won’t bring Shakil back.

As Carmel refuses to get involved in the plans for Shakil's funeral in favour of organising another Youth Club event, Denise and Kush are concerned.

When Bex and Louise reluctantly arrive for the Youth Club but the night comes to an early end. But why?

Having overheard Hayley's criticism for her, Carmel seeks Hayley’s help with an idea. She wants to visit Shakil’s killer, Bruno, in prison, but Hayley makes an excuse at the last minute leaving Carmel to proceed alone.

Before Hayley leaves, she steals some money from Carmel but feeling guilty, tries to give it back to her; pretending she found it on the floor.

Carmel finally crumbles and shares some harsh words with Keegan after he confronts her for not involving herself with Shakil’s funeral. And Kush opens up to Denise telling her that he feels his mother has let Shakil down by not helping with the funeral.

At the funeral parlour, Jay is stunned when Carmel tells him to cancel all the tributes and tell everyone they aren’t welcome at the funeral as she just wants it to be her and Shakil.

Despite Carmel’s orders to Jay, Kush insists the funeral will go ahead as planned and as the day arrives Carmel ignores Kush’s pleas to attend her son’s funeral and Denise and Kush soon discover she has gone missing.

As everyone heads to the church, Denise desperately tries to find Carmel in time but will she convince her to attend the funeral?

These scenes will air week commencing Monday 2nd July on BBC One


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