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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Tiffany falls for Jagger

But how will Whitney react when she finds out how old he is? And will Tiffany tell her that she's been drinking?

With Tiffany smitten for Jagger, she's taken aback when she receives a frosty reception from the girls in his gang.

But after he sticks up for her, she’s smitten and returns home, hiding the fact that she’s been drinking from Whitney. Later, Jagger tempts Tiffany back out.

Whitney catches Tiffany sneaking back home after meeting Jagger but when she learns he is nineteen she is adamant Tiffany’s not seeing him again.

When Tiffany goes to meet Jagger, he tells her that he should meet Whitney to put her mind at rest. He gives her a phone so that she can call him whenever she wants.

These scenes will air Monday 20th (8pm), Tuesday 21st (7:30pm), Thursday 23rd (7:30pm) and Friday 24th August (8pm) on BBC One

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