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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 11th - Friday 15th March

Next week in EastEnders, Jean locks herself in her caravan, Mel worms her way into Walford East, Mitch contemplates his future with Bailey and Jack worries that Rainie is back on the booze.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Jean locks herself in her caravan

As she misses her hospital appointment

Determined to find her Jean before her appointment, Stacey soon accepts defeat but allows Lily to send her a photo of her special themed school outfit for the day. After receiving the photograph, Jean is touched and decides to answer Stacey's call.

Despite not revealing her whereabouts, Jean reassures Stacey that she's OK as she's reminded about her appointment.

Their call comes to an abrupt end when campsite owner Jerry interrupts and checks in on Jean. Once alone, Jean starts to crumble.

The next day, Stacey goes to the hospital to be by Jean's side at her appointment but is disappointed after Jean is a no show. Back home, Stacey's unhappy to find Mo there talking to Kat. But as Mo goes to leave, Stacey realises she may be able to help locate Jean.

After pushing Mo to reveal details about an old holiday destination, between them they work out where Jean is and rush off yo find her. But when they get there and spot Jean, she rushes to the caravan and locks herself in.

As Stacey, Kat and Martin desperately try to get her to come out of the caravan, Lily comes up with an idea. But will it work?


Mel worms her way into Walford East

But what does this mean for Habiba and Iqra?

With Max now owning part of Walford East, and Mel desperate for cash to help pay for Hunter's solictor, she plants doubts in Rainie's mind about Habiba and Iqra capabilities which lead to Kathy reluctantly enlisting Mel's help.

A move which leaves the sisters worried about their future at the restaurant.

After a desperate call from Hunter, Mel goes in hard at the restaurant and makes a recommendation to fire the sisters. But when Habiba and Iqra beg Kathy not to listen to her, whose advice will she follow?


Mitch contemplates his future with Bailey

But does the answer lie with Karen?

When Karen promises to help Mitch as much as she can, she's taken aback when he suggests that him and Bailey move in.

Questioning his income, Karen insists Mitch finds a job and things start to look up for him when he's offered a job. But as he goes to tell Bailey what this new job means for her, he's interrupted by Karen.

Despite everything that’s happened, Keegan continues to give Mitch the cold shoulder and Karen is so fed up of his sulking that she gives him a reality check and takes him to Bailey’s house to see the extent of what she is dealing with.

Stunned, Keegan struggles to comprehend how Bailey copes. When Mitch continues to push Karen to let him and Bailey move in, their focus changes when Bailey refuses to go to a friend’s party after school. After trying to change her mind, Karen enlists Bernadette’s help.


Jack worries that Rainie is back on the booze

But can she convince him that she isn't?

After spotting a picture of Max with a new woman on Jack’s phone, reality hits home for Rainie when she learns that she has no control of the car lot. But is Jack right to be worried when he finds her nursing a drink?

Insisting that she didn't drink it, Jack demands that if she wants to stay in the house she has to go to an NA meeting.

After agreeing to go, Stuart is also there who listens to her as she opens up about her problems. Wanting to get closer to him, the two of them share a heart-to-heart.

But when he bumps into her later in the Square, he's taken aback by her comments.


EastEnders continues Mondays at 8pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and Fridays at 8pm on BBC One


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