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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Monday 29th April - Friday 3rd May

Next week in EastEnders, Sean makes a shocking confession to Jean after coming to blows with Jack over Roxy, Lola's plan to help Billy backfires as she pushes him and Honey even further apart and there's a new love interest for Bernadette!

Here are all the latest spoilers and pics you need...

Sean makes a shocking confession to Jean

After coming to blows with Jack over Roxy

After 10 years away, Sean is back in Albert Square and past feuds resurface when Jack learns Sean was behind Amy’s disappearance and picked her up from school. Realising that Sean doesn't know that Roxy's dead, Jack takes him to her grave to break the news.

The pair come to blows after Jack blames Roxy for everything until Sean admits that he's back to make amends.

Hearing from Jack that her brother is back, Stacey chooses to keep the news from Jean, until she finds Jean cleaning furiously and reveals the truth. Livid that she wasn't told sooner, Jean refuses to attend her chemotherapy appointment.

But as tensions rise, Jean's ecstatic when Sean enters and after an explosive confrontation with Ruby, he takes his mother to her appointment. Overwhelmed to see the extent of what his mum is going through, Sean is angry when Jean refuses to reveal what this means for her future.

Noticing the impact he’s having on Jean, Stacey gives her brother a harsh talking to, which forces him to contemplate leaving Walford. But when Jean suggests they spend some time away together, Sean agrees.

As they set off for their trip, Jean tries to get Sean to open up by mentioning his father, but as they pull up to the remote farmhouse and prepare to go for a walk, a clump of Jean's hair falls out. When she cuts her leg, Jean brushes off the injury but Sean notices how severe it really is and realising this may be his only chance, he makes a shocking admission.

When Jean loses consciousness, Sean rushes to try and get phone signal as Jean wakes up in a worrying situation. After frantically calling an ambulance, Sean urges Stacey to get to them immediately and realising something is seriously wrong, she races to them.


Lola's plan to help Billy backfires

As she pushes him and Honey even further apart

Struggling with Ruby's demands at work and getting increasingly jealous of her relationship with Jay, Lola hatches a plan to get back at Ruby that she hopes will also help Billy.

After learning of Adam's plans to move in with Honey, Billy makes her breakfast which plants doubts in her mind about moving in with Adam. Until she discovers something about Billy which leaves her telling him that she is moving in with Adam and as soon as she can!

With things still frosty between them, Honey finally gives in to Billy's pleading and brings the kids to his party at The Vic, making it clear that she's only there for them and not for him.

With the party in full swing, Honey makes a big decision about her future after talking to William and Janet. When Jay tells Billy, who has had a few too many drinks to step outside and get fresh air, what will he see?


There's a new love interest for Bernadette

After hitting it off with the older sister of one of Bailey's friends

When Keegan takes Bailey to the park for a kick about to cheer her up, Tiffany and Bernadette watch on until they're interrupted by one of Bailey’s friends, Alyssa and her older sister Brooke.

Spotting an instant connection between Bernadette and Brooke, Tiffany decides to play cupid. After some encouragement from Tiffany, Bernadette secures a date with Brooke at Walford East and is touched to see Tiffany and Keegan there to offer moral support.

When Brooke turns up and points out how well Tiffany and Keegan get on, Bernadette realises it’s time she moved on. Will love blossom between the two?


EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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