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EASTENDERS SPOILERS Whitney's wedding day drama and a gunshot has life-threatening consequences

The following storylines will air 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 6th September on BBC One

Following Callum's bombshell that he had a fling with Ben, Whitney struggles to put her fears aside as their wedding day arrives. But will Whitney believe him when he tells her that he wants to marry her?

Across the Square, Sonia panics when her surprise for Whitney, Bianca, is nowhere to be found. After Tiffany lets slip to Whitney about what's happening, they soon learn where Bianca is. Refusing to get married without Bianca there, Whitney sets off to find her leaving Callum fearing the wedding is off.

After his help, Whitney is reunited with Bianca and they arrive at the venue just in time for the wedding. But when Whitney sees Ben there, she struggles to keep calm leading to a confrontation.

Knowing the truth, Whitney has a big decision to make. Will the couple tie the knot or will their wedding day end in devastation?

With Louise and Keanu laying low, Keanu sneaks off to find Ben whilst Phil is curious to hear from Ian that Lisa in back in the Square and calls Ben and asks him to find out what’s going on.

When Keanu tracks down Ben, they struggle to contain their anger as he tries to force him to withdraw his statement against him. Out in the Square, Louise searches for Keanu but when Bex spots her, they rush into The Vic to avoid Sharon.

After learning that Keanu is back, Phil spots Ben and demands that Lisa contacts Louise. Telling Keegan that he needs to leave for good, Keanu says an emotional goodbye to his brother. But what will happen when Sharon arrives?

As Mel flees the Square to start a new life with Hunter, Lisa stops her in her tracks and with Hunter still hiding in the boot of the car, they go inside to talk as Lisa begs Mel for her help - she needs to get Keanu and Louise out of the country.

With Lisa worried about what the future holds, Mel suggests they all leave together but when Mel returns to the car, she is horrified to find Hunter has gone and so has her gun. Worrying about his whereabouts, her mind turns elsewhere when Phil barges in demanding to know where Louise is.

Lisa tries her best to cover, but it doesn't take Phil long to realise she's lying and that Louise is close by. Despite the chaos with Lisa, Mel turns her focus back to Hunter but her fear rises when she realises he’s after Jack.

At the Branning’s, Hunter lies in wait for Jack but when Denise returns home she comes face-to-face with him and he soon realises that his target is at The Vic. Determined to get the ultimate revenge on Jack, Hunter sneaks into the barrel store with the gun but his plan quickly spirals out of control with deadly consequences.

As those inside The Vic find themselves caught in the crossfire of Hunter’s plan, all hell breaks loose and a shot is fired. As a gunshot echoes round Albert Square, events inside The Vic go from bad to worse as someone’s life hangs in the balance.

Elsewhere, Sonia gives Bianca a reality check about what’s been going on with Tiffany, Tina questions Iqra about her bad mood and Lola struggles to hide her feelings from Jay.


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