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EastEnders to welcome the Atkins family

As Karen Taylor and Mitch Baker's daughter Chantelle is set to arrive in Walford with husband Gray and children Mia and Mackenzie.

We've heard so much about her, but until now we've not seen Chantelle who's set to make an instant impact on the Walford residents when she arrives later this month.

Everybody wants to be Chantelle’s friend but don’t be fooled by her kind and bubbly nature, this easy-going girl next door is very much her mother’s daughter and wouldn’t think twice about sticking up for herself.

Like Karen, Chantelle’s kids are her world and with a successful husband to boot, Chantelle has everything she’s ever wanted. However, it suddenly becomes clear there’s some tension between Karen and Chantelle. One thing’s for certain, Chantelle adores her siblings and is fiercely protective over them so how will she react when she realises her absent father Mitch is now a big part of all their lives?

Born and bred in London, Gray is charming, confident and very proud of everything he’s achieved. Gray was Chantelle’s ticket away from Taylor Towers all those years ago and although he works very hard as a solicitor in the City of London, he loves nothing more than coming home to his family and is the first to admit just how lucky he is.

Initially, Karen and Mitch are delighted to see Chantelle but will the Atkins family ruffle feathers in Walford or fit right in? Only time will tell…

Taking on the role of Chantelle is Jessica Plummer, who was part of girl group Neon Jungle and has starred in a number of feature films including How to Talk to Girls at Parties, and she'll be joined by relative newcomer to telly, Toby-Alexander Smith as Gray. Both have already started filming ahead of their debut later this month.

Speaking about joining EastEnders, Jessica said “Just like the majority of the UK, I grew up watching EastEnders. It’s an absolute honour to be joining the cast with all my childhood favourites… Rickaaaaaaaay”.

And Toby-Alexander said "“I’m delighted to be joining the cast of EastEnders as I’ve always been a fan. I’m looking forward to seeing what Albert Square has in store for Gray.”

Senior Executive Producer for EastEnders, Kate Oates added “I’m so excited to welcome Jessica and Toby to Albert Square. Chantelle is a Taylor through and through: tough, sharp and streetwise. To the rest of the Taylor family, she is definitely the one who’s ‘done good’: leaving home early, and landing on her feet marrying the handsome and successful Gray. But will Chantelle’s picture-perfect lifestyle put her and Gray into conflict with the rest of her family?”

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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