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Elaine makes her presence felt as she takes over The Vic in EastEnders

Will Linda agree to letting Alfie go? And who's her mystery man?

As they deal with the fallout of The Vic break-in, Linda is upset, whilst Elaine seems unfazed by the ruined picture of Mick.

Elaine proves an instant hit with the men of Walford as she charms them with free drinks. But Linda gets irritated as her mum starts to change the normal running of The Vic.

Convinced that the Panesars are behind the break-in, Elaine has a conversation with Eve, who confirms Nish’s untrustworthy character, and she sets her sights on taking them down.

After a run-in with Elaine, Vinny retreats to the Minute Mart to seek comfort from Suki and Eve later tries to persuade Elaine to drop her vendetta against the Panesars by imploring that Linda doesn’t need the extra stress.

With Eve’s words ringing true, Elaine and Linda have a heart-to-heart about losing Mick and both vow to support each other.

Later, Elaine makes a phone call to a mystery man, sharing her hopes that he’ll move into The Vic.

Wanting rid of Alfie at The Vic, Elaine is unimpressed when he turns up late to his shift. Working his charm, Alfie suggests a cocktail night by mixing some signature drinks for Kat and Phil to toast a drink to Peggy.

Sensing Elaine’s hesitation towards Alfie, Kat subtly sticks up for him. Will Elaine go ahead with her plan to get rid of Alfie? And what will Alfie think?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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