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Ella stands up for Mandy after Paddy's boss makes rude comments about her in Emmerdale

Could Ella be about to land herself a new job at the new surgery?

When Mandy arrives at the vets’ social, dressed in an extravagant Liz Hurley-inspired outfit, Jules, a loud-mouthed managing director, rudely teases her about her dress. And her blood boils as Paddy panders to him, refusing to introduce Mandy as his girlfriend.

As Paddy opens up to Mandy about his insecurities around Jules, although she's hurt, she agrees to support him.

Overhearing Jules lambasting Ella, his PA, Mandy consoles her. And when Jules makes some more rude comments about Mandy, Ella pours a drink over him.

Returning to the group, Paddy mistakenly blames Mandy for the chaos. Will Mandy be able to forgive Paddy’s behaviour?

Later, an encounter with Manpreet in the Hide leaves Ella with a potential job opportunity as a receptionist at the new surgery.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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