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EMMERDALE SPOILERS April disappears, a sad death leads to a confession & accusations are discovered

The following storylines will air 3rd - 7th February at 7pm with an extra episode on 6th February at 8pm on ITV

April goes missing and Marlon's to blame

With Mandy stepping up the 'Free Marlon' campaign, April wants to visit him in prison but Cain has to lie to her and say that kids aren't allowed.

Visiting Marlon himself, Cain tells him about April's request and the campaign to free him leaving Cain in tears. Worried that he'll be too emotional were April to visit him, can Cain convince Marlon to let her?

After hearing that Marlon is struggling, April's world seems to be crumbling around her and completely oblivious, Pollard reveals to her how Bob and Mandy have been lying to her about children not being allowed in prison.

When April goes missing, Mandy phones the police and the villagers search for her. Meanwhile, in prison, Marlon hears of April's disappearance and gets aggressive with one of the prison guards.

Frustrated, Marlon is visited in prison the following day by Sam who makes him realise that his reluctance to let April visit is what has caused her to run off. But will Sam be able to convince Marlon to be strong for April? Even if it’s a front.

As the search for April widens and continues, Bob and Sam decide to check Hotten Road again. When they arrive, they find April bedraggled on the side of a road and are surprised when she tries to run away from them.

Will they manage to get through to her?


Laurel receives some sad news about Sandy as Arthur confesses

Doug attempts to comfort Laurel after she receives a shocking phone call telling her that Sandy has died. As she prepares to tell the kids, Arthur takes it badly and Laurel’s pained when he leaves abruptly.

When Jimmy finds him crying at Ashley's grave, Arthur tells him that he thinks God is punishing him. And later, Laurel is shell-shocked when Arthur reveals to her that he’s been responsible for hurting Archie. But will she tell anyone else?

Upon receiving a text from Laurel, Jimmy wonders what she and Arthur want to talk about. Back at Mulberry, Laurel and Arthur brace themselves for Jimmy’s arrival, but are shocked when Jai arrives home early from rehab.

Will they tell him the truth?


Kim discovers Rhona's suspicions surrounding Graham's death

Sneaking into Home Farm, Rhona still suspects Kim is responsible for Graham's death and looks for evidence and when she's caught by Al, she accuses Kim of being involved in Graham's death.

When Graham relays this information back to Kim, she is determined to handle it.



After reassuring his flat mate he’ll find a job soon, what is Pierce's plan and why do we see him the next day stood outside Home Farm?

With David worried that Theo is going to be taken away from him, Leyla and Liam brainstorm ways they can lift his mood. But will they come up with something?

Andrea and Jamie are on different pages regarding moving forward whilst he has a prickle of jealousy to see Belle invite Ellis to join her at the spa day Andrea gifted her.

With a burgeoning relationship brewing between Nate and Tracy, Pete feels adrift and soon makes a decision and an awkward Victoria lets Wendy see Harry, much to Wendy’s delight.

And things begin to soften between Luke and Victoria as she tells him that she’s happy if he wants to apply for the newly advertised chef’s job at the pub and Luke later offers her to look after Harry.

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