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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Charity threatens to out Megan and Graham

After she reveals to Megan that she knows about her and Graham.

Megan is shocked to find out from Graham that Frank has found her pregnancy test. Graham's relieved to hear that the test was negative.

When Frank confronts Megan over the test she furiously accuses him of not trusting her.

At Home Farm, Megan’s left dangling as her ladder falls away as she tries to hang some fairy lights. Calling out to Graham to help, there’s a clear attraction between the two of them and they kiss. It’s clear things are about to go further, but they stop as they hear a noise.

Later that day, Megan’s blood runs cold when Charity reveals she knows about her and Graham but what will Charity do about it?

These scenes will air week commencing Monday 7th July on ITV


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