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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Graham's caught as Rhona plans her getaway, Aaron lashes out + more

The following storylines will air 13th to 17th January at 7pm with an extra episode on 16th at 8.30pm on ITV

Graham's caught as Rhona plans her getaway

Graham offers Ryan hush money after he tells him that he knows he's been fiddling the accounts - but will they come to a deal? And should Graham worry when Charity tells him that she's keeping an eye on him?

After Marlon picks up Leo's PE kit from Rhona, she accuses him of stealing Leo's passport. Realising that she's still thinking of taking Leo away, Marlon is riled. Later, Rhona tells Graham that she wants them to leave on Monday. But how will he react?

Aaron lashes out after drinking to forget

Aaron is pushed to the edge when Pete delivers the bad news Rebecca won’t let Seb visit any more. Heading to town to forget, Aaron soon hooks up with two unknown men and heading back to theirs for a party. The next morning, he wakes up in feeling lost and alone whilst Live tries to track him down, concerned to realise he didn’t come home.

When Victoria and Liv later get home they walk in on him and one of his hookups Aaron lashes out verbally at them both Liv. The next day, as he tries to apologise to Liv, will he apologise to Victoria too?

And how will he react when Liv suggests seeing his councillor again?

Under pressure, Jai turns to drugs

Struggling under the pressures of working at HOP, Jai is annoyed that Al and Kim are seemingly not pulling their weight and finds himself covering for Al. Yes when some vital sponsorship is lost, it's Al who tries to salvage things

Realising he needs to pull a nighter because a deadline is moved, Jai orders a 'special' order pizza. Noticing that Jai is on edge when the pizza arrives, Graham leaves and Jai opens the pizza box which contains a bag of coke. Stashing it in his des drawer, will Jai succumb to temptation?


Victoria tells Wendy she is starting counselling to help her deal with being raped. With the truth looking like it might be starting to sink in, Wendy later breaks down flicking through old pictures of Luke and Lee. Could she at last be questioning Lee’s innocence? And could Wendy be finally coming round to understanding Victoria’s side of the story?

And Cain is surprised when Moria tells him that she's going to Nana Barton’s for a while and comes to say goodbye.

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