EMMERDALE SPOILERS Mandy and Vinny are caught out and Graham's mystery woman is revealed

The following storylines will air 28th October - 1st November at 7pm on ITV

Mandy and Vinny are caught out, but what else are they hiding?


Desperate to pay casino boss Terry back, Mandy and Vinny try to hack Lydia’s bank account but when she catches them in the act, Mandy tries to explain herself. But it's not enough for Sam who's angry and calls Dingle court.

As they away their Dingle trial, Mandy and Vinny decide to make a run for it, but when the Dingle's van they've nicked breaks down, they have to hide out in the Woods. They're soon caught and Dingle court begins with Mandy quick to point out the hypocrisy given what happened with Aaron.

However it's not long before Mandy agrees to telling them the truth, that her and Vinny were recently running a casino card counting scam in a number of establishments run by Terry and in a shock twist, reveals to the viewer that Charity was involved too.

As deliberations are made, Mandy’s confident the court will find in their favour, but Vinny’s scared that the Dingles might uncover his other secret. But that’s the least of their worries when Terry turns up on their doorstep, leaving them fearful for their lives.

Will the rest of The Dingles’ step up in their hour of need? Will they believe what’s been going on? And what is Charity’s involvement in the dodgy dealings? 

Graham's mystery woman is revealed


Graham’s determination to break free from Kim leaves Andrea hopeful that he might soon be out of her life for good. When Kim admits to Jamie that she's jealous of Graham and his mystery woman, Jamie discovers it's Rhona and desperately wants to tell Kim.

As the villagers convene for the Halloween Fun Day, Andrea tells Graham that they need to talk as they chat in the Woolpack Beer Garden, Kim observes them arguing over Millie and mistakenly thinks Andrea’s the mystery woman.

Later on in the evening it's revealed that the mystery woman is Rhona and Graham cruelly tells Kim to get used to seeing them together. Furious over his lack of loyalty to Kim, Jamie lectures Graham and in retaliation reveals that it was Jamie who was responsible for delivering the evidence that put Kim behind bars/

With Kim left utterly devastated, will Jamie be able to talk her round? And Marlon’s

put in his place as an angry Rhona defends her relationship with Graham.



Whilst getting ready for the Halloween party, Leanna tries to kiss Jacob.