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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Moira comes face-to-face with Matty

But will she be able to accept Matty for who he is now and welcome him back into the fold?

Cain's fears are realised when Simon reappears as he works on a car and is knocked to the floor. We then Simon, bloodied and bruised raising a spanner to hit Cain once again.

Outside Butlers farm, an unknown figure watches Moira and lets himself in with a crowbar. Cain reassures Moira that he's going to get rid of Simon after he admits that he's back in the area.

After letting himself in to the farm, the unknown figure starts rifling through the drawers and when Cain arrives he confronts him and knocks him out cold. When he comes round he reveals his name is Matty but Cain doesn’t seem to know him and is confused when he finds the document Matty was trying to steal. Hannah’s birth certificate.

When Moira arrives, she instantly knows who he is, her youngest daughter Hannah. Moira struggles to comprehend as Matty explains to her that he is no longer Hannah and is living as a man.

She's hurt to learn he only came back for his birth certificate and has been living in Manchester all this time.

Or will Matty find his mum’s reaction to him unacceptable and once again turn his back on his family?

These scenes will air Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th and Friday 29th June at 7pm on ITV


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