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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Nicola and Bernice plot to get rid of Misty

Deciding she has had enough of Misty, Nicola tells Jimmy he has to be the one to tell her to leave.

Jimmy is thrilled when Misty reveals she has been offered a fire eating job in Thailand for a year but Nicola is horrified when Misty declares Rodney is accompanying her.

Later, Nicola tells Bernice she will do anything it takes to make Rodney stay and readies herself for war.

The next day Nicola sets her plan in motion as she produces Misty’s tarot cards and asks her for a reading. Nicola’s plan is exposed when Bernice admits they tampered with Misty’s tarot cards.

Soon Misty wonders why they want to stop Rodney from going to Thailand but how do they explain themselves and could it backfire?

These scenes will air Monday 20th - Friday 24th August at 7pm with an extra episode Thursday 23rd August at 8pm on ITV


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