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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Nicola invites Laurel, Bob and the kids camping

Whilst there, Bob tries to scare the kids with ghost stories to no avail but when Misty steps in she soon captivates them with stories on the afterlife.

The kids soon head off into the woods in search of firewood, but whilst tramping through the trees, a rattled Angelica, Carl, April, Heath, Cathy and Arthur hear strange noises in the distance and decide to investigate.

Back at the site the camping group are dismissive about the noises the kids heard in the woods, but the troubled kids know what they heard. The kids secretly make a plan to return to the woods but soon their plans are thwarted.

The next day in the village the furtive group of kids lie to Nicola and Laurel they are going to help Harriet in the church. But huddled they make their plan to find the ghost and head off. In the woods the kids hear noises.

Soon they approach the shack and as they creep forward, Angelica moves to open the door. But what will she find?

These scenes will air Monday 6th - Friday 10th August at 7pm with an extra episode Thursday 9th August at 8pm on ITV


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