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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Priya makes a horrific discovery, Rhona receives some devastating news + more

The following storylines will air 27th - 31st January at 7pm with an extra episode on 30th January at 8pm on ITV

Priya makes a horrific discovery

Following the dramatic events of last week, Graham lies slumped in the tunnel below there bridge where Priya and Billy find an abandoned vehicle and as they search the area for Tip, Priya is horrified to discover Graham’s lifeless frost-covered body.

After the police arrive, Priya awkwardly recalls Marlon and Graham’s argument to DI Dent and DS Ward and is devastated to think how Rhona will react.


Rhona receives some devastating news

Stressed by his disappearance, Rhona frantically tries to call Graham but when DI Dent and DS Ward arrive, reality hits as they tell her that Graham has been found dead.

Numb with shock after hearing that someone may have killed him, Rhona explains Graham’s movements to the police.

Later on in the week, Vanessa warns Rhona against looking for clues as to who murdered Graham warning her to stay safe.


Sarah's in trouble

Charity is floored when whilst talking to Noah, it comes out that it was Sarah, not Graham, who was to blame for putting him in hospital.

Knowing the need to get some answers from Sarah, Charity pays her a visit the next day to tell her that she knows the drugs belonged to her. Alarmed, Sarah reveals she got Danny arrested for what happened to Noah which leaves Charity reeling.

Later at the Woolpack, Charity’s miserable as she processes everything that’s come to light about Sarah.



Jai is alarmed to hear he attacked Jimmy on the night of Graham’s murder and Victoria’s concerned when she overhears that Wendy’s been off work for weeks.


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