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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Robert reels to hear that Rebecca is still alive

And demands that Lachlan tells him where she is.

After seeing on the news that Lachlan has been arrested, the nurse changes her stance with Rebecca and asks her to repeat what she told her about Lachlan.

As the nurse attempts to reassure Rebecca that it’ll all be over soon, she's alarmed when the nurse suddenly comes towards her with a syringe!

Elsewhere, in the prison interview room Lachlan toys with Robert who listens in horror as he explains his plot to kill him and Liv. However he's left stunned when Lachlan reveals he didn’t kill Rebecca.

Once outside the prison, Robert drives off in a hurry and before long he breaks into the room where Rebecca was being held. But he's horrified to find the room empty and what makes it even worse is that he can see the signs of a struggle.

With blood and chains left discarded, as well as a hospital bed, Robert is close to breaking as he phones the police.

Still behind bars, Lachlan seems confused when the police tell him Rebecca wasn’t at the address he gave and insists he didn’t kill her. However his words fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile in the village, with Robert believing Rebecca is dead everyone in the Woolpack raises a glass and drinks to her. And when Robert receives a call from a frantic Lachlan explaining that he left Rebecca with a nurse, will he be believed?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm on ITV

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