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EMMERDALE SPOILERS Monday 28th January - Friday 1st February

Next week in Emmerdale, Billy's arrested for assaulting Ellis, Amelia announces that she's leaving the village with Daz. Nicola's plan backfires and Dawn struggles with withdrawal symptoms.

Here are all the latest pics and spoilers you need...

Billy's arrested for assaulting Ellis

With tensions rising between Ellis and Billy at Tall Trees, Billy struggles to control his angers and throws a punch. Shocked, Marlon throws him out.

With Ellis in turmoil, Robert convinces him to get rid of Billy but when the police turn up to arrest Billy for assault, Jessie is shocked to see that Ellis has no remorse for his actions.

When asked by the police to make a statement, Jessie doesn't know what to do. If she tells the truth, Billy will go back to jail and if she lies, she risks losing Ellis. But what will she end up doing?


Amelia announces that she's leaving the village with Daz

When Daz reveals that he's taken a job in Croydon, Kerry's elated but Dan's concerned about how Amelia will take the news.

All hell breaks loose when Amelia confronts Kerry after Daz tells her that she's the reason he's leaving, because she has threatened to call the police if he doesn't.

Letting her know that she will be leaving with him, Kerry is taken aback when Dan agrees to let Amelia go. Little does she know that Dan is using reverse psychology on Amelia.

But as the couple reach breaking point, Dan is worried when Kerry compares Amelia leaving, to losing Amy.

Can the couple make it through this troubled time or is this the end for them? Will Amelia leave the village with Daz?


Nicola's plan backfires

Nicola is surprised when Graham wants to see plans for their new housing development, unaware that he is on to her and Robert's scam. Panicking, Nicola shares the news with Robert as Graham and Megan watch on.

Realising that Robert is involved, Graham decides on a plan much more profitable than public exposure. And when Nicola realises that Graham knows all about her fraudulent activities she's terrified.

Unaware, Robert beams to Aaron about his plan to get enough money for surrogacy. But will Aaron, Robert and Jimmy fall victim to their own con?


Dawn struggles with withdrawal symptoms

As Dawn struggles with withdrawal symptoms, Rishi offers her a job but all she can do is stare at Laurel playing with Dotty and longs for her son. Watching on, Harriet worries that Dawn might not have enough fight left to stay clean.

Taking matters into her own hands, Harriet tells Dawn she’s organised a meeting with social services. However as self-destructive Dawn downs vodka, Harriet lays down some tough love, fed up of her self-pity.

But when Dawn decides to go cold turkey, Harriet’s worried. Struggling with the effects, Dawn arrives at the factory for her trial shift but with Kerry as her mentor, will Dawn find a friend or foe in Kerry?


Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm, with an extra episode Thursday at 8pm on ITV


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