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Ethan's behaviour takes a sinister turn in Hollyoaks

Will Ethan be forced to come clean?

On Monday, flashbacks reveal the truth behind what happened between Ethan and Maya on that fateful night, as the incriminating evidence lies in Ste’s stolen van.

And as Darren demands answers on Maya’s whereabouts, he wants to know if he and his family are safe. But will Ethan come clean and tell him the truth?

Elsewhere, Sienna beams with joy after securing another cleaning contract, but her excitement is short-lived when she finds out that their van was stolen the night of the explosion, and it wasn’t insured.

Determined, Sienna vows to find the van and soon enough, she thinks she's found the answer to her prayers. But subsequently, Ethan's secret is threatened to be outed.

Overhearing Sienna discussing a visit to the scrapyard, Ethan realises he must act fast to move the incriminating evidence from the stolen cleaning van. But when a voice ringing in his head fills him with doubt, will he manage to fix the problem in time?

As Ethan’s behaviour takes a sinister turn, he turns on Sienna and Ste. As Sienna gives him a proposition, she connects the dots on Ethan’s relationship with Maya and butts heads with Ste on what to do.

As she begins to feel the heat, Sienna flexes her relationship with Hollyoaks’ resident bad boy, Warren. But could she have just forced him into Ethan’s line of fire just as he’s trying to clean up his act?

Later, Ste is confronted by Ethan as he prepares to get rid of the van, but when he tries to stand up to his tormentor, Ethan makes a revelation about how sinister he really is.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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