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Eve leans in for a kiss with Suki in EastEnders

How will this leave Suki feeling?

As Stacey prepares for another meeting at No.31 with Kheerat and Billy tells Suki he’s heard people inside and Suki, Eve and Ash go to check, Kheerat arrives to the three women. Unaware that Stacey is hiding behind the sofa!

Quickly coming up with a cover story, Kheerat leaves and Ash lets rip at Suki about her behaviour and storms off.

Believing they’re alone, Suki confides in Eve and brings up the children’s emotionally abusive dad being released from prison. Spotting Stacey hiding, Eve tries to keep Suki distracted.

As Stacey interrogates Eve over Suki's ex-husband and after Suki invites Eve for lunch to thank her for her support, Eve agrees Stacey can tell Kheerat.

Meeting Suki for lunch, Eve feels a spark between them and rushes to stop Stacey from talking to Kheerat.

At the Panesar’s, as Eve talks to Suki and leans in for a kiss! How will it leave Suki feeling?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC Two


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