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Eve risks it all to get rid of Nish in EastEnders after Suki leaves her heartbroken

Will Suki go along with her plan? Or is Nish about to discover the truth?

When Suki and Eve return from their business trip all loved up, Nish spoils their moment and Vinny tries to get Eve involved in helping throw a surprise birthday party for his dad.

Later, when Vinny innocently reveals that Nish sent him out so he could be alone with Suki, Eve is devastated and fearful that Nish is coercing Suki into sleeping with him.

Following Vinny's revelation, Eve gives Suki the cold shoulder, but Suki insists Nish hasn’t pushed her to sleep with him and does it to stop him from being suspicious. When Eve tells her that she can't take this anymore as she's in love with her, Suki can't say the words back.

Later, Nish and Eve go to see shady Arjun to lay down the new terms of the chicken shop money laundering business and it's all going south until Suki and Vinny save the day with some tough negotiating.

Simmering that Suki has stepped in, Nish has a go at both her and Vinny for undermining him. But when Eve steps up to defend Suki, she's left heartbroken when told that she can fight her own battles.

Later, Eve goes to see Jack to say that she’s willing to turn informant and serve up Nish Panesar’s head on a plate, but he's sceptical. Undeterred by Jack's inability to commit to the informant deal, Eve takes a risk to get the evidence she needs anyway.

There’s more trouble for Eve and Suki when Nish calls the hotel they stayed at in Leeds and discovers only one room was booked. When he quizzes Suki about why only one hotel room was booked in Leeds, what will she tell him?

Soon, Eve tells Suki about her plan to get rid of Nish. Will Suki go along with it?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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