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Everyone's kept in the dark after Jay is involved in a car accident in EastEnders

Did he survive?

Following a night filled with booze and drugs, Jay wakes up and Billy soon senses that something is wrong and heads to Jay who confesses to taking drugs, but he keeps quiet about Nadine.

Heartbroken by Jay’s turmoil, Billy attempts to rally the family together for a meet in The Vic, but things soon go from bad to worse when Ben reveals all about Nadine unaware that Lexi is listening. Reeling, Lexi leaves abruptly as the family follow her and shun Jay.

As Jay desperately tries to make amends, Ben and Callum shut him out, wanting to protect Lexi.

Meanwhile, Jay gets a dealer’s number from Ravi and picks up more drugs before Gina finds him at the car lot to confiscate them and offers him a bed for the night at The Vic.

Gina convinces Jay to go to No.29B where they put a plan into action to speak to Lexi. Whilst Ben and Billy are reluctant, once inside, Jay finally has an honest conversation with Lexi.

The following day, when a groggy Jay wakes at The Vic, George grows concerned, fearing he's having a negative influence on Gina. As Jay drinks himself into oblivion, George kicks him out after finding drugs in his belongings.

After being barred by Linda, Jay bumps into Keanu and the pair almost fight, unaware that Sharon is watching.

Later, whilst looking at Lola’s things, Jay is overcome with emotion, before Ben and Gina find him unconscious on the sofa having taken more drugs. With Billy disgusted at Jay, a huge row erupts between the pair and Billy orders Jay out of their lives for good.

Heartbroken, Jay decides to drive to Margate against Gina’s wishes and it's not long before the police arrive at The Vic looking for Jay’s next-of-kin as it's revealed he has been in an accident.

With Billy, Ben and Callum horrified to learn that Jay has been in an accident, the police refuse to give them any details about whether he is alive as none of them are his next-of-kin.

Blaming George and the Mitchells for their treatment of Jay, Gina heads to the wrong hospital in search of Jay as Cindy seizes her opportunity and offers to drive her.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One with first look episodes available from 6am on BBC iPlayer


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