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Faith chooses to pass away after perfect day in Emmerdale

Leaving her family and friends devastated by the news of her death.

After a heartfelt conversation with Aaron, Faith has an idea and brimming with excitement, shares her plans for a family day with the Dingles. They are all going to the seaside!

But when Faith’s health takes a turn it is bad news for their planned trip. Faith, however, is insistent that the seaside trip goes ahead for the others and Cain is determined to find a solution.

Soon, secret planning is going ahead and before long Faith is overwhelmed to see that the Dingles and her village friends have brought the seaside to Emmerdale!

Thrilled to bits, Faith takes everything in as she watches her family revel in the fun, delighted at how perfect her day is.

When Diane arrives, Faith squeals with happiness and Chas and Rodney exchange a glance; a job well done. And when Cain asks her to dance, Faith is blissfully happy.

With the day over, Faith holds a family picture against her heart utterly content and Moira’s unsettled by Faith’s hints that she might end her life soon. Meanwhile, Brenda, Pollard and Diane vow to create as many memories with Faith as they can.

Before long, Moira desperately tries to convince Faith to back out of her plan to end her own life. As Faith assures her she isn’t going ahead with it anytime soon, a guilty look belies a different story and it's not long before Faith is saying her veiled goodbyes.

Leading Faith up to bed, Nate is unaware of the heartbreaking decision she’s made.

Alone in her bedroom, Faith switches off her phone and takes one last look at the pictures from yesterday’s adventure as she prepares to end her days alone.

When Cain arrives, he's devastated to realise what Faith has done and tries to keep her comfortable as she drifts closer to death. Realising Faith has taken her final breath, Cain is heartbroken and Faith’s family and friends are left devastated by the news of her death.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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