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Faith refuses further chemo in Emmerdale as cancer spreads

Can Cain change the course of her future?

On the day of Faith’s scan, Moira encourages Cain to accompany his mother. However, she's later furious to discover that Cain just sat drinking in the Woolpack while Faith went for her scan. And her heart sinks that Cain hasn’t stepped up for his mother.

Back home, as Moira makes a heartfelt plea for Cain to be there for Faith, has she finally gotten through to her husband?

The next day, there is a slight thawing from Cain when he delivers Faith a card made by Isaac and later makes an effort to speak to his mother.

Despite Moira being happy to see them talking, a bitter Chas isn't convinced that this is enough and is soon left on a knife edge when Faith receives a call from the doctors wanting her to come in to discuss her scan results.

Awaiting the oncology appointment at the hospital, Faith and Chas soon receive the news that Faith's cancer has spread. When Faith refuses further chemo, Chas is left tearful and pleads with her to reconsider. But ultimately, she is forced to accept her mother’s decision.

Back home, Chas ignites at Cain’s apparent indifference to Faith’s decision to stop her treatment.

Outside The Hop, Chas and Al share a passionate kiss, despite Al's initial reluctance of taking advantage.

Whilst Cain, privately reeling from the news, finds himself out in a field and Moira attempts to talk sense into him. Knowing he’ll have regrets if he doesn’t soon reach out to his mother.

As Faith heads to disclose her news and decision to her friends Pollard and Brenda, it turns into an emotional heartfelt night as the three friends sit up late, with Faith reflecting on all her regrets regarding Cain.

Meanwhile, Cain asks Chas for a private chat and a poignant night ensues as he shares his traumatic memories of his past and the damage Faith inflicted on him. With Chas able to see Cain's real pain, they reminisce through the night.

As the siblings bond, Cain agrees to make an effort regarding Faith and they depart on good terms after a long night together. But has this night of sharing made a difference to this mother and son?

Later, and excited Chas receives a message from Al.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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