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Felix tells JJ he's not wanted after his son visits him in prison in Neighbours

Will Andrew close the door on his brother for good?


Dropping by the Varga-Murphy’s to check on JJ, Andrew learns the he's still very frosty with his mums and after JJ leaves, Cara floats the idea that maybe they should let JJ see Felix, and learn first-hand what a dead-beat he is. But Remi isn't sure and they agree to sit on it and think about it.

Later, Andrew receives a call from the prison to inform him that Felix isn’t well and has requested to see him. After discussing the pros and cons with Wendy, Andrew decides to see Felix, unaware Nell is listening in.

When Nell sees JJ, she tells him about Andrew’s visit to the prison and encourages JJ to tag along. Confronting Andrew, JJ begs him to take him to see his father. What will Andrew do?

Happy to see Andrew at the prison, Felix shares that his illness has given him time to ruminate on all that he’s lost and Andrew suggests there’s one thing Felix can put right, urging him to have a chat with JJ.

Thrilled to finally have an audience with his biological dad, a hopeful JJ explains how upset he was when his letters were returned but knows it was because of his mums’ request.

Setting JJ straight, Felix voices that even if they hadn’t asked, he would have cut ties anyway as he doesn’t want a son or a friend. Although Andrew thanks Felix for being honest, he asserts he wants nothing more to do with him and closes the door on his brother for good.

Meanwhile, Cara and Remi try to make sense of Andrew’s decision to take JJ to the prison before he explains himself whilst also telling them of Felix’s rejection of JJ.

As the mums and Dex are there for a devasted JJ, the family reunited and appreciative of Andrew for helping them close this chapter.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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