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Fergus plans to leave Hollyoaks for good after failed bid to buy The Hutch

Will Warren risk losing his children again to save his business?

After a newly motivated Warren meets with Fergus, the pair set their sights on The Hutch. However, their new target proves difficult when Tony refuses to sell to them - not wanting his beloved bistro to go to two dodgy landlords.

Realising they must make amends with Misbah, Warren and Fergus fear she is spreading a bad word about them. But will she accept their apologies? And a panic-stricken Timmy has some big news for Fergus.

When Fergus tells Warren that their business in the verge of collapse, he offers a solution that is far from above board. But will Warren risk losing his children again?

Later, Fergus has a proposition for Trish, as he plans to leave the village for good and she spills the beans to Maxine about her and Fergus’ plans to leave the village. And a drunken Warren wants a second chance with Maxine. But can they make amends?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4





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