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ITVX has released a number of first look images of Jason Isaacs as Cary Grant in their upcoming biopic, Archie.

The four-part drama, written by Jeff Pope, launches this November on ITVX and is about the life of Hollywood’s leading man, Cary Grant.

These striking images reveal Jason Isaacs for the first-time channelling Cary Grant, looking suave, debonair and exuding all the elegance and style associated with one of the greatest Hollywood icons.

Born in Bristol, England in 1904, to parents Elsie and Elias, Archie narrates the story of a young Archibald Alexander Leach’s troubled childhood and how extreme poverty, his father’s adultery and the loss of his older brother, John, tore the family apart and sent his loving mother into a downward spiral of grief and depression.

Jeff Pope’s scripts reveal how deceit, cruelty and one, overpowering lie shaped Archie’s life.

At 14 he auditioned for the music hall act, the Bob Pender Troupe, a band of acrobats, stilt walkers, clowns and comedians after seeing them perform at the Bristol Hippodrome. Lean and athletic, he learned the art of stilt walking, and when the troupe went on tour to the US, teenage Archie was intoxicated by the land of opportunity. Believing he was not wanted by his family in the UK, he decided to stay in the US to try to make his way in showbusiness.

With no thoughts of acting, a chance meeting with the comedian George Burns helped him find his first footing on the acting ladder and a contract with a movie studio who felt he needed to change his name, and Cary Grant was born.

The drama intercuts with scenes from 1961 when at the height of his fame, living in Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles, the legendary actor was breaking all box office records, but desperately unhappy in his private life.

With two failed marriages behind him, he began to woo an actress he’d seen on a TV show, Dyan Cannon. Thirty-three years his junior, Dyan, didn’t initially fall for his charms turning down his attempts to meet, because she didn’t feel they could ever be a match.

Dashingly handsome, suave and sophisticated, Cary continued to pursue her, with introductions to his famous friends, until they eventually wed in Las Vegas in 1965.

Archie also stars Laura Aikman as Cary’s formidable ex-wife, actress and filmmaker Dyan Cannon, with Harriet Walter as Elsie Leach, Cary’s mother.

The caset also includes younger versions of Archie Leach, played by Dainton Anderson, Calam Lynch and Oaklee Pendergast, with Kara Tointon as young Elsie.

Produced by Etta Pictures and Rebecca Hodgson, Archie is directed by Paul Andrew Williams who also serves as an executive producer. And it has been made with the blessing of Cary Grant’s daughter, Jennifer Grant, and ex-wife Dyan Cannon who also serve as executive producers along with Jeff Pope.

Archie launches this November on ITVX


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