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FIRST LOOK Orange is the New Black (Series 5)

If like me you’ve been counting down the days to brand new season of Orange Is The New Black ever since Season Four ended then you’ll be pleased to know that there isn’t long to wait and there are plenty of pics to whet your appetite further.

The Season Four finale left us with a massive cliffhanger as during a prison riot, Daya picked up CO Humphrey's gun and aimed it at him. But will she shoot? It certainly looked that way! 

Regardless of whether she shoots Humphrey or not there’s also a prison riot to break up.

With the women of Litchfield having now seized the spotlight, they’re not backing down until they’re taken seriously. They’re united. They’re angry. And they have a list of demands.

Here are all the stills which Netflix have released ahead of the new season:

Here’s the trailer which was released a few weeks ago...

And because we all need even more OITNB in our lives here’s a brilliant Black Mirror parody video they did which sees Taystee visit an old friend in a dream. Or was it?

Orange Is The New Black returns Friday 9th June on Netflix


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