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Channel 4 has released a number of first look images from their upcoming thriller Truelove.

Airing early 2024, Channel 4's new thriller Truelove breaks the rules for older characters on screen with a core cast in their 70s.

Written by Iain Weatherby and co-created with Charlie Covell, Truelove flips ageist tropes on their head in a series which promises thrilling twists and turns, irreverent humour and passionate romance.

This gang of old friends make a drunken pact to rather than let each other suffer a slow and dreadful decline, step in and engineer a dignified death. In short, they will help each other die when the time is right. Because that, they all agree, is a sign of Truelove.

But what starts out as a fanciful idea soon morphs into a shocking reality.

Lindsay Duncan plays Phil, an ex-police chief enjoying a comfortable if boring retirement and Clarke Peters plays Ken, a divorcee and ex-special forces vet who feels similarly at sea. They were teenage sweethearts and despite life having moved on, they have never quite managed to forget each other.

The cast also includes Sue Johnston as Marion, Karl Johnson as Tom, Peter Egan as David and Kiran Sonia Sawar as Ayesha, a young police officer who senses there is more to these friends than meets the eye. Further cast includes Phil Davis as Nigel and Fiona Button as Kate.

Truelove wrestles with the knotiest of ethical questions out there – is it ever right to help end a life? It’s also a love story, as a long-extinguished romantic flame is rekindled between two people who missed out on each other when they were younger, offering them a second chance to experience the love of their lives before time runs out.

Produced by Clerkenwell Films, Truelove has been directed by Chloë Wicks and Carl Tibbetts with Alex Walsh-Taylor producing.

The six-part series was commissioned by Channel 4’s Head of Drama, Caroline Hollick and Commissioning Editor, Rebecca Holdsworth and has been executive produced by Emily Harrison, Andy Baker, Petra Fried and Charlie Langdell for Clerkenwell Films alongside Charlie Covell and Iain Weatherby.

Truelove will air in 2024 on Channel 4


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