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Fiz makes HUGE decision about her future after spending Christmas with Tyrone in Corrie

But will that future involve Phill?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

Fiz feels awful after Kevin lets slip how much Tyrone is dreading Christmas without his family.

As Tyrone and Evelyn prepare their Christmas dinner for two, they’re interrupted by the arrival of Fiz with the girls. Tyrone’s thrilled to realise she cancelled the holiday, even if it does mean spending the day with Phill.

But with a rescued pigeon, Phill’s visit to his mum and an ill-timed kiss from Tyrone will there be peace and goodwill amongst men?

With Fiz, Tyrone and Phill seemingly back on an even keel, Tyrone tells Evelyn that it’s obvious Phill will get bored of playing the family man and when he does, he’ll be waiting for Fiz. But Evelyn reckons he's deluded.

Meanwhile, Phill suggests the girls might like to call him stepdad and Fiz reckons it’s a great idea. But when he reveals that he's seen a super family house, understanding if she's not ready, how will Fiz respond?

When Fiz drops the bombshell that she wants to sell No.9, Tyrone’s shocked, asserting that the house is rightfully his and he’s not selling it. And Evelyn is saddened when Fiz explains to her that Tyrone’s ruined her happy memories of No.9 and she needs a fresh start.

Evelyn tells Tyrone it’s his duty to do right by Fiz and the kids and if that means selling the house, so be it. But will Tyrone agree?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays plus Christmas Day and Boxing Day on ITV


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