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Football Fantasy League returning to Sky after 18 years away

The show will be hosted by Elis James and Matt Lucas and air on Sky Max.

After 18 years off our screens, Sky are bringing back Fantasy Football League, the iconic comedy football show blending football fanaticism with celebrity chat.

Originally fronted by the show’s creators, David Baddiel and Frank Skinner, the duo will be passing the ball to brand new hosts, Matt Lucas and Elis James.

Speaking about co-hosting the revival, Matt Lucas said "I loved watching Fantasy Football League with Frank, David and Statto and am chuffed to bits to be a part of this new incarnation. I now make a living eating cake and watching football. I must be the luckiest man in the world. I also get to share the sofa with Elis, who is not only hilarious but the biggest football geek I’ve ever met. See you next season."

To which Elis James added "I couldn’t be more delighted to be bringing back Fantasy Football League, although Matt’s Arsenal obsession means writing meetings are often derailed by long, wistful chats about Ray Parlour. To be presenting a show I used to tape off the telly is a dream come true. The ambition is to make a show that’s as loved as the original, and fill it with references to Swansea City without making it unwatchable."

Running from 1994 to 2004, Football Fantasy League saw celebrity guests competing against each other as managers in a ‘fantasy league’ as well as chatting all things football.

Guests on the show included: Bob Mortimer, Jo Brand, Prince Naseem, Damon Albarn, Ant & Dec, Jimmy Greaves, Sean Bean, Noel Gallagher, Brigitte Nielsen, Lennox Lewis, George Best, Karren Brady, Melvyn Bragg, Roy Hattersley, Caroline Aherne, Peter Cook, Pelé Kathy Burke, Des Lynam and John Lydon.

The show also included the legendary regular feature, Phoenix From The Flames, where a retired star footballer recreated one of their most memorable moments in football.

Produced by Avalon, the 16-episode series will be series produced by Spencer Millman and directed by Peter Orton.

Fantasy Football League will air this autumn on Sky Max

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