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Frankie finds herself in danger as she feels intimidated by JJ's actions in Hollyoaks

Will Nancy discover the truth about why Frankie is self-harming?


When Darren and Suzanne accompany JJ to the hospital for his physio appointment, a call from Morgan’s nursery sees Darren dash off, leaving JJ feeling all abandoned.

Later, back at home, Frankie is left feeling intimidated and worried when her brother enters her room and gets too close. As she lashes out, Nancy and Darren running in after hearing JJ scream. 

As everyone rallies around an injured JJ, Nancy wants to get to the bottom of what’s upsetting Frankie. However, feeling like she can't tell the truth about what’s really going on, Frankie promises her step mum she’ll try make things easier at home.

Wanting to keep the truth a secret, JJ manipulates his mum by telling her that he found a note in Frankie’s diary about wanting to destroy his career, leaving her angry at her daughter.

After discovering Frankie dancing in the school hall, Nancy realises it's her outlet and gives her some dance clothes, suggesting she joins the dance squad with Vicky and Leah.

Walking in as the dance session is finishing, JJ is left alone with his sister and demands she gets his phone out of his pocket. But when he forcefully grabs her hand, she flinches leading to him discovering her self harm scars

After JJ threatens Frankie to stay silent, she skips school which leaves Nancy and Carter concerned.

Later, when Darren, Suzanne, JJ and Nancy attend a safeguarding meeting with Carter regarding Frankie self-harming. Frankie blames Darren.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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