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But will her safety be taken seriously by those around her?

On her first day as a teaching assistant, Frankie is excited and as she signs to Esme during an English class, she notices Amy, Denzel and Nugget mimicking her.

As she tells them off, things take a turn when they take inappropriate photos of Frankie and use them to create a social media video.

As she expresses her anger and upset to Mr Morden about the social media video, Frankie is dissatisfied with his response.

Elsewhere, Lola invites Frankie out clubbing with Felix, Dotty, Whitney, Finlay and Vinny. There's a tiny spark between Whitney and Finlay and Finlay makes Vinny paranoid about his relationship with Dotty.

Frankie’s mood lifts until a stranger tries to kiss her after repeatedly hassling her on the dancefloor. Leaving early, Frankie refuses Lola’s offer to accompany her home and makes a panicked exit from the tube.

As she becomes aware of the fact she is being followed home, Frankie is accosted by the man from the club and is trapped until a passer-by intervenes, giving her a chance to escape and get home.

Whilst Shirley comforts Frankie, Mick’s relieved to hear she got away physically unharmed but Frankie doesn’t see it like this.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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