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Freddie seeks closure as he confronts his old teacher in EastEnders

Will he get an apology from Mr Hawthorne?

After finding himself double booked with two dates for the same evening, Freddie panics and wonders if he can pull it off. Whilst Stacey convinces him to go, his other family members aren’t convinced.

Later at The Vic, Jean, Stacey and Harvey arrive to watch as Freddie attempts to navigate both dates.

However, things soon go from bad to worse for Freddie when he muddles up his dates and as the Slaters watch the drama unfold, Jean upsets Freddie when she questions his intelligence.

The following day, a guilty Jean tries to convince Freddie to confront his old teacher Mr Hawthorne for humiliating him at school. Initially reluctant, after speaking to Bobby, Freddie decides to seek closure and heads to his old school with Bobby, Jean and Harvey in tow for moral support.

Later, Freddie is proud of himself for standing up to Mr Hawthorne.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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