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Freddie tries to play matchmaker between Anna and Bobby in EastEnders

But is Anna more interested in Freddie?

In an attempt to spend more time with her, Bobby asks Anna to help him arrange a surprise birthday party for Bernie.

Unconvinced by Bobby’s Cider, Cheese and Chess night and tries to recruit a downtrodden Freddie who initially can't face it. But soon changes his mind following a heart-to-heart with Anna about Freddie’s dad. And the pair bond over their shared experience of being let down by absent parents.

Later, trying to play matchmaker between Anna and Bobby, Freddie bows out of their party planning meeting. But when Bobby tries to pretend he’s someone he’s not, Anna makes her excuses and says she’s got to work.

When Bernie's birthday party is a roaring success, Bobby starts to worry that Anna may have feelings for Freddie.

At the party, Anna receives a message from her private investigator, and after a chat with Freddie, decides to meet him. What will he have for her?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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