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Gabby discovers Jamie's sinister plan in Emmerdale as she considers not keeping the baby

But when Dawn discovers the truth, will she give him another chance?

Feeling tired and nauseous, Gabby worries that she's maybe not ready for the responsibility of a baby, leaving Jamie is secretly delighted.

After receiving mixed messages from Dawn, Jamie pulls her up on it and she admits she has feelings for him. As they kiss, Gabby watches them, devastated.

Confronting Jamie about his lies and his kiss with Dawn, Gabby demands to know why he’s been pretending to care. As the realisation sinks in that he was trying to keep her on side, while dissuading her from having the baby, she’s horrified.

Gabby then tells Kim exactly how he’s treated her. As she rushes away, Gabby starts to feel dizzy and takes a nasty fall. As she calls out to Jamie for help, he watches without a word as, clutching her stomach, she passes out.

Dawn is shocked when Kim reveals Jamie’s been pretending to be Gabby’s boyfriend in an effort to convince her to have an abortion. Disgusted, she rages at Jamie and as she leaves to clear her head, she agrees to give Jamie one last chance, so long as he stays honest.

Watching on as they tentatively admit they love each other, an unseen Kim glowers in the background, her plan to break them apart having been thwarted.

The next day, Dawn agrees to go on a date with Jamie, and he leaves with a spring in his step.

At the pub, aware Dawn has a meeting with the social worker, Kim creates a distraction, allowing her to spike Dawn’s drink. Could this could blow her chances of getting Lucas back?

Later, when Jamie threatens to move out of Home Farm, Kim calls his bluff and points out how he’d have nothing without her, and tells him to step up or step aside. As Jamie quietly assents, is he going to live under Kim’s rules like this forever?

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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