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Gabby is frightened that Jamie is looming in Emmerdale

With Jamie Tate still at large, is he about to strike?

In a week of special episodes, with flash-forward scenes, viewers will be wondering what the future holds for some key characters but as the week unfolds all will become clear.

As the week commences, in the gloom we see a misty graveyard with an open grave. The slamming of an iron police cell door and the sound of a gunshot rings out in the woods before we see a crumpled car steaming in the gloom having just had a terrible accident… But whose bodies are in the wreck and what does it all mean?

Home alone up at Home Farm, Gabby is worried that Jamie Tate is back from the ‘dead’ and looming large. When things start going bump in the night for Gabby could she find herself in a perilous situation?

Knowing she's home all day, Gabby’s terror mounts after Billy and Dawn admit there was a hooded person on the CCTV. Despite Dawn doing her best to reassure her, Gabby explains her instincts are screaming at her that Jamie will return to snatch Thomas and it's not a matter of if but when.

Making it her mission to keep a watchful eye, it's not long before Gabby finds a dropped torch outside and panics to check the CCTV. She sees for herself, a hooded figure looming in the woods. But is it him?

When she finds a gift for Thomas, Gabby goes cold knowing it has been left for him by Jamie and before long, the gun cupboard at Home Farm is broken into and an anonymous hand reaches in and takes a shotgun. Whoever it is, is now armed.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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