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Gabby leans in for a kiss with Nicky in Emmerdale

How will Nicky react?

After being impressed by Gabby’s pitch about expanding the business into schools, Kim expects her to deliver on it and the next day, Gabby tries to be confident as she greets Nicola, councillor Colin and guests from local schools.

Nervous, Gabby glances over at Kim who doesn't look impressed by the shaky start to her speech. However, a resilient Gabby stands her ground when Nicola questions the safety element of the activities on offer. And Nicola announces the good news to Gabby, she’s sold on the idea!

When Kim offers Gabby the position of deputy, Gabby urges Nicky to stick around and celebrate with her as she grabs a bottle of fizz.

Drunk, Gabby takes the plunge and leans in to kiss Nicky. But when Nicky jumps to his feet, announcing he doesn’t like her like that Gabby is mortified and is left feeling humiliated when Dawn witnesses this.

The next day, when Gabby and Dawn argue about their priorities, Gabby calls Dawn a ‘prostitute’ in front of Lucas, Clemmie and Will. Horrified by Lucas’ question, Dawn rushes out on the verge of tears. Will she have to face up to her past?

Elsewhere, Kim wants Caleb to invest in her business. Will he?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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