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Gavin pulls out of Woolpack deal in Emmerdale after run-in with Cain and Mackenzie

Where does this leave Al?

After Chas and Marlon's insurance claim is voided for failing to mention the development plans for the Woolpack, Chas sees no other way out other than signing the papers which Al has drafted for ownership of the Woolpack.

Al is left frustrated when Gavin tells him to offer less money and after Paddy spots a change to the plans, Chas examines the fine print and spots that Al has dropped the price by 20k. Angered at his attempted deception, they don’t sign and Cain rips up the contract.

With the contract unsigned, Gavin puts more pressure on Al, giving him just two days to get it signed, leaving Al in no doubt that he's in big trouble if he fails.

A little while later, a clandestine figure emerges from the shadows to cut the brakes on Al’s car. However, Cain is thrown to spot Al offering to give Kerry and Kyle a lift into town. As they all approach the leaking car, can he stop them?

After managing to nick Al’s phone, Mackenzie breaks into it and reads through the messages from Gavin.

Hatching a plan, Cain and Mackenzie meet with Gavin and Kerry is chuffed when Al asks her out on a date.

Back in the village, just before signing, Chas asks Al to promise once everything is signed, he’ll end his feud with Cain. To which he agrees.

But before long, Gavin informs Al of his run-in with Cain and Mackenzie and how he’s pulling out of the development deal.

Despite Al's pleas, Gavin isn't moving on his decision and demands all of the money back. Al is left terrified as Gavin threatens him and his family if he fails.

Furious that Cain has ruined everything, Chas disowns him leaving Cain ostracised.

Meanwhile, Ellis and Belle remain united despite the war between Cain and Al.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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