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George attacks John Paul as his ex returns to Hollyoaks

Will John Paul finally see George's true colours?

After the events of New Year's Eve, a loved up John Paul and George return from their holiday and George is immediately met with an internal conduct review at work and storms off. John Paul meanwhile, is stunned to hear about everything he’s missed with Mercedes and Silas.

As he seeks forgiveness from Nancy, John Paul is shocked to hear that she's the reason George could lose his job. As she argues with George, John Paul stays silent and later tries to make him feel better with some drinks.

Simmering with rage after John Paul didn't stand up for him in front of Nancy, George gets increasingly angry and when pushed away, punches John Paul.

When Dean, George's ex returns, John Paul is concerned and as Courtney does her best to reassure him, Goldie feeds his paranoia whilst George enjoys making him feel insecure.

Later, when Dean explains how George reduced him into the obsessive person he is now, we see parallels between him and John Paul. And when George suggests moving in together, John Paul isn’t keen.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Thursdays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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