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George is thrilled when his sister Glenda arrives in Corrie

But is he about to sell the Undertakers?

After attempting to cook a roast to impress Dylan, Sean receives a text from Dylan telling him that he’s gone for a pizza with his mates and ends up serving the overcooked pork to Eileen, George and Todd.

Taking a bite, George is alarmed to realise he’s broken a tooth! Promising to see the dentist, George tells Eileen that Mr Pugh’s funeral must come first.

A guy called Troy who works for the opposition approaches George, hoping to buy the business and George tries to wrestle his notebook from him. As the two men grapple on the cobbles, Mrs Pugh arrives and watches with disapproval.

When Todd confronts George with the written offer from Rest Easy of £400k, is George tempted to sell after all?

Arriving at the undertakers for Mr Pugh’s funeral, George reveals that he has taken Eileen’s strong painkillers to ease his toothache and Todd, realising he’s as high as a kite, shoves George into one of the funeral cars.

As Mrs Pugh gives Todd the third degree, George’s sister, Glenda arrives and clocking George asleep in the back of the funeral car, quickly takes charge of the proceedings.

As Glenda, Todd and Sean celebrate how well the funeral went, George arrives, thrilled to see his sister and introduces Glenda to Eileen.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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