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Grace and Zara are arrested in Hollyoaks putting bank robbery on hold

Will Cindy go it alone to save the market?

Having drawn the short card, Zara needs to convince Tony to persuade bank manager Alex into lending Cindy the money for the repairs at the market. But when he refuses to help his ex-wife, Diane is shocked and backs the plan to help get the loan.

When talking to Alex, Tony's mouth runs off with him which results in the opposite effect than intended. Are they all out of hope?

With ideas on how to save the market quickly running out, Zara has a plan which involves chains and handcuffs. Whilst she and Grace protest at the site, The Loft owner shares a rare sensitive moment, telling Zara how much she’s appreciated by her and Cindy.

Later, when Alex walks by gloating, Cindy is about to throw the towel in and admit defeat with the market.

However, back at the flat, Hilton playing pretend as Robin Hood inspires his mum and Grace and Zara to come up with a new idea. To rob a bank! And as an inspired and desperate Cindy puts together a plan, even Grace thinks this might be a step too far. Annoyed not to have her friends backing her idea, Zara calls The Loft owner a phoney.

Determined to show her friend she’s still bad, Grace decides to break into the Love Boat safe while the place is open. With Zara left on the lookout, the duo soon realise that they forgot something and plan B is set into motion.

Grace asks Zara to record her while she steals PC Sam’s handcuffs, but when the policeman realises something is going on, things get out of hand and an accidental elbow to the policeman’s nose leads to both women being arrested.

Down at the police station, Grace is let off however Zara is kept behind with another matter that needs dealing with.

After the recent stint in the police station, Grace and Zara have no desire to go back any time soon and turn down Cindy’s offer of helping her rob a bank. However, Cindy is set on getting her hands on the cash, even if that means doing it alone.

Worried that her friends might end up behind bars, Zara threatens to go to the police to tell them about the robbery plot.

The following day, cleaning up litter, Pearl hands Damon Cindy’s incriminating notepad which she finds lying around, mistaking it for his. Meanwhile, Cindy, Zara and Grace go into panic mode when they realise it’s missing.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4


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