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Gray asks Whitney to move in with him in EastEnders

But will he get what he wants?

Gray gets jealous as he watches Kush and Whitney playfully winding each other up, which gives him an idea.

Later, when Karen arrives to make Dinner, she finds that Whitney already has it sorted. Gray tells Karen that that he wants her to be a grandmother, not the hired help, and informs her that Whitney will be looking after the children from now on.

After suggesting a movie night with the kids, Whitney tells Gray that she has a date. Taken aback, he plants a seed of doubt in Whitney’s mind.

Later, noticing that Whitney isn't dressed up, Gray invites her to stay for the movie after she tells him she decided against the date in the end.

After a few too many bottles of wine, Whitney wakes up on Gray's couch and starts cleaning his house. As she plays with the kids, Gray is happily aware she is fitting into the role.

When Gray bumps into divorce lawyer David in the café, he gives him his condolences. At first Gray is confused, but then the penny drops and he realises that Chantelle must have gone to him for advice.

Thinking they could be something special, Gray tells Whitney that she should mean in. But as she points out that he's still grieving, what will Whitney decide to do next?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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