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Gray is questioned by police as the investigation into Chantelle's death begins in EastEnders

But will Mitch and Karen discover the truth about what happened to their daughter? And what does Kheerat know?

When Karen, Mitch and the family return from Southend, they soon realise something awful has happened, whilst Gray is at the police station being questioned by police.

After sensing tension between Kheerat and Gray, Mitch decides to meet with Kheerat and after spotting Chantelle’s memory box, he demands to know why it is there.

Explaining what Chantelle had asked of him, Kheerat reveals to Mitch that his daughter was trying to leave Gray. But as he struggles to divulge his feelings for Chantelle, Suki interrupts and glares at Kheerat, willing him to say no more.

Later, meeting with Mitch again, Kheerat reveals that he spoke to Chantelle through lockdown and knew that she wasn't happy with Gray.

Theorising that Gray must have found out and a row lead to her getting fatally hurt, Kheerat asks Mitch if he thinks that's possible. Before he can answer, Mitch leaves angry and frustrated and later tells Karen about Kheerat's theory. But what will she think?

And after receiving some new information, Gray gets a visit from the police. But what could this mean?

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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