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Gray struggles to hold it together in EastEnders

As Chantelle is laid to rest on the same day as Whitney's first hearing.

Gray is struggling to look after the kids, work on Whitney’s trial and cope with his guilt about Chantelle. When he arrives late for a meeting, his colleague wants to take him off the case.

Despite Chantelle’s funeral taking place on the same day as the first hearing, Gray knows that he can’t possibly be there and isn’t in the right state of mind - so pleads with her that he needs to work until she agrees.

But when Gray tells Whitney that he'll be staying on her case, she tells him that despite being terrified of facing court without him, he needs to be with his kids for the funeral.

With Gray not there on her first day in court for the death of Leo, Whitney is pleased that Sonia is there for support. But neither of them could have prepared for what happens next. As the prosecution grill Whitney, she finds the courage to defend herself.

However, when Mick takes the stand he struggles with the prosecution's questions and as they keep pushing for answers, Mick grabs his chest in pain and collapses with a panic attack.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One

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