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Harriet quits her job as vicar in Emmerdale

But will Dawn allow her to rip off her dog collar for good?

Not realising the real reason for their break-up, Billy is confused when Will explains that him and Harriet are finished.

Harriet also makes the decision to quit her job as the town vicar, but Dawn is alarmed and tells her that she has to remain a vicar so that they can continue to cover-up Malone’s burial spot. Full of self-loathing, Harriet rips off her dog collar.

When Will says he's moving out as soon as the police stop sniffing around, Dawn and Harriet are unsettled and Harriet is crushed knowing she's lost him.

With Billy refusing to give up the fight for him and Dawn to be together, he pleads with her to give him another chance. Forcing herself to stay strong, she lies and tells him that she never loved him.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm with an extra episode at 8pm on IT


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