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Harry is rushed to hospital in Emmerdale after injuring himself in David's care

Will David tell Victoria the real reason why what happened, happened?

Shuffling through the post in the shop, David comes to a letter addressed to Victoria from the Police ticketing office. And David feels wretched after reading the police fixed penalty notice addressed to Victoria.

When Jacob and Victoria enter and reveal their plans to support David with his delivery scheme, David is overwhelmed with shame but still hides the FPN from Victoria.

David hates himself when Harry injures himself in his care and knows he's messed up. As Victoria rushes to Harry she drives through some temporary traffic lights, only to be stopped by a waiting police car.

Conceding to a fine and points on her licence, Victoria focuses on getting to Harry as quickly as possible. Rushing through the hospital, she finds a lethargic Harry, watched over by concerned David.

She's furious to discover that David opened the shop and left the children unsupervised. When he learns that she's received six points on her licence, David dreads telling Victoria the truth.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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